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Ultralight Microfiber Towels

Compact, absorbent and fast-drying, these lightweight sport towels are great for a variety of activities - workouts, jogging, golf, track, yoga, weight training, camping, backpacking, boating, kayaking, hiking, and travel. They are antimicrobial, helping them stay stink-free in gym bags, lockers, suitcases and backpacks. They're durable, machine washable, can go in the dryer, and include a convenient snap loop for easy hanging. These towels work great for travel, as they are easily packable and more space-saving than regular cotton towels. Their absorbency and fast-drying, gentle suede-like fabric also makes them great for drying hair or drying off pets. Kayakers, canoers, and other water sport enthusiasts will appreciate how they dry them off quickly without the towels getting soaked or heavy.